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Certified photocopies
To provide an estimate, our employees will ask you three questions:

1. How many documents do you need to photocopy?
2. If more than one, do they need to be stapled together or will they be submitted separately?
3. How many sides must be photocopied for each document?
If there are any seals on the back, this side will need to be photocopied as well.

Our notaries will certify only photocopies made at the Instituto Olivares on examination of the original documents.
Photocopies made outside the Instituto Olivares will not be certified by our notaries.

Sworn translation - Private translation
To provide an estimate, our employees will ask you two questions:

1. From what language to what language do you wish to translate your document?
2. Do you need a sworn translation or a standard translation?

Sworn translation It is a translation affixed to the original document and signed and sealed by a sworn translator registered at the Association of Public Translators of the City of Buenos Aires.

Private translation It is a translation not affixed to the original and neither signed nor sealed by the relevant translator. It is usually needed to understand the contents of a document in a foreign language.

We provide translations from and into Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, German, Italian, Polish, Flemish, Japanese, Chinese, etc. Please let us know if you need another language.
Providing an estimate requires knowing the number of words in the original document. You can call us to ask for our rate per word, but we recommend that you come to visit us, so that we can accurately calculate the number of words in your document.

Notarial acts​​​​​
Our several notaries at Instituto Olivares can advise you on, or see to, your notarial needs.

Notarial acts: legalization of signatures for natural persons and (with proof of representation) for legal entities, authorizations for the temporary export of vehicles, driving permits, travel authorizations for minors, entering of records into notarial registers, execution of powers of attorney, among many others.

Our notarial section is open from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

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